On-site Consultancy Service

PhysioLink's complete on-site consultancy service is targeted at the prevention and treatment of work related injuries, which can impact on productivity.

Early intervention, assessment and treatment of workplace injuries are the vital keys to a successful rehabilitation outcome.

This assessment process includes:

  • Expert assessment of all work related injuries
  • Treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries
  • Assessment of physical function
  • Referral and liaison with all external providers
  • Selection and monitoring of return to work programs
  • Alternate and graduated duties
  • Matching physical capacity to assessed job demands
  • Vocational rehabilitation services as required

Workplace Rehabilitation and Return to Work Assessment Services

PhysioLink Pty Ltd is a ReturnToWorkSA Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider and can provide:

  • Return to Work Management - RTW pre injury employer
  • Return to Work Assessment Services
  • Worksite Assessment & Job Analysis
  • ADL Assessment


Ergonomics is the discipline concerned with analysing work demands and matching these to the physical capacity of the worker to minimise the risk of injury and maximise productivity.

PhysioLink's highly qualified physiotherapists are experts in the identification, the assessment and control of ergonomic hazards in the workplace including:

  • job task analysis
  • workstation design and layout
  • seating and chair design
  • postural and work method analysis
  • work environment
  • preventative workplace exercise programs


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